The 11-Day Self-Kindness Experience is designed for you if :

you are a purpose-driven, spiritually-minded coach, mentor, business owner, or an "over-doer" who wants to achieve, prosper and thrive in alignment, without compromising the integrity of your inner well-being - no matter how crazy-busy life gets!

Your mission is to strategically integrate the Daily Five Self-Kindness Anchors so that even on your busiest days, you can experience navigating your life at a productive pace of grace! 

Imagine starting and ending each day feeling inspired, energized, and aligned, living your purpose, and reaching your goals with more ease and joy!

Are you ready to upgrade your quality of life and navigate each day with more energy and clarity?

The Destiny Blueprint's Self-Kindness System will make it easy for you to avoid the burnout trap.   

Take ownership of  your inner well-being and

Become a kinder, more effective CEO of your life and business!

This 11 Day Self-Kindness Experience will help you integrate daily practices into your life so that you can experience a greater balance between work, play and self-care. By incorporating these simple yet powerful Daily Five Self Kindness Anchors throughout your day (for just a total of 15 minutes/day), you'll start to feel your joy of being & doing in alignment with your purpose.

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Life at warp speed is exhausting and it makes us forgetful.

You know that your inner well-being is the cornerstone of happiness and success. That's why ignoring it can activate your inner bully with negative self-talk. The "shoulds' weigh heavy in your mind and guilt festers. 

It is so easy to get pulled into the undertow of deadlines, other people's needs. Thinking that you'll catch up later and relying on extended time off to recover from burnout is not a sustainable nor loving approach.

Taking care of all the components of your inner Life force Battery: your physical, emotional, spiritual, and vibrational, is essential for you to navigate your reality and be the gift of who you were born to be.  

If you have ever struggled with having enough time or energy for yourself when life gets busy, this is the year that you rewrite your story of balance and success by elevating your self-care to self-love and creating a kinder approach to navigating each day.

Through Self-kindness we can foster self-worth and eliminate judgments and guilt about not taking better care of ourselves, especially when life gets busy.

Improve your energy, mood, sleep, digestion, and productivity

by investing 15 minutes in yourself

strategically integrated within the reality of each day!

This is for you if:

  • You have ever struggled with consistency, discipline, and/or having enough time or energy for yourself when the demands of your business and life take over.
  • You want to navigate your success at a productive pace of grace.
  • You don’t need to be convinced that your inner well-being is a crucial part of sustainable success.
  • You want 2022 to be your most profitable AND peaceful year in business ever.
  • You want to be a kinder, more effective CEO of your business and life. 
  •  You’re ready for easeful and impactful solutions and strategies that make a noticeable difference in how you feel each day.
  •  You want to start and end each day feeling inspired and bring joy back to your day-to-day.
  •  You are ready to release feelings of guilt and shame, and the “shoulds” around self-care.
  •  You want to live in a kinder world.
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Self-kindness is full of love; it releases the shame, guilt, and resentment stories you have around self-care, it sets you up for success with your intentions, and it will help you step into a new story with a daily alignment practice that works!

Be Supported as You Activate Your super power of Self-Kindness!


Lifetime Access

  • 60-minute workshop:
    • Becoming a kinder and more vibrant C.E.O.(Conscious Empowered Owner) of your life and business- 
    • "The Power of your Hands for self-healing".
    • "Integrating and Sustaining the Self-Kindness System into Your Reality" - Strategies for scheduling your five moments of self-kindness with ease in 11-days 
  • Videos and Mp3 audios of each of the five 3-minute Self-Kindness Practices you can do anywhere
  • Q and A session
  • Email Support to integrate and assure success with your self-kindness system.



Live with Love, Inspiration, Freedom and Empowerment.